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The Healing Power of Love

September 15, 2019


“Time heals some wounds, but love heals them all.”  Matshona Dhliwayo

Love is the healing force in our lives. The big love, the little love and all the love in between – the love shared with everyone: those closest to us and the love we extend to strangers.

We rob ourselves of love when we are in fear, regret and guilt and when we live in self-imposed limitation.

I’ve observed that Love can heal even the most fearful heart. Love helps us to see what is possible in our lives. It expands our vision and revives our hope.

We begin the healing process when we choose to step away from hurt and pain and allow love to do its job.

We just need to trust that seed of love that’s in each of us and allow it to blossom.  Then feel it deeply and pass it on to others.

 “As love heals me it heals the world.”