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Breaking Open to a New Beginning

April 26, 2016


Traumatic things happen. Life-changing events that are so painful that we feel we are physically broken open from the inside out.  In such times, we feel our very core has been shattered.

But, as many of us have found, out of the most cataclysmic experiences, the new and previously unimagined can happen. We may find that this life-altering event will create from within us a beautiful new beginning.

Seeds need to break open for new life to emerge. And sometimes so do we.

Like seeds, we may find that this breaking open is essential to our growth. We may find that we emerge from the broken shell of our past stronger, healthier and wiser. And, yes, more compassionate and loving.  New lessons learned. New strengths and capacities discovered.

Our transformation from old to new may take time. This new growth will certainly need tending and nurturance to flourish. It may take skilled help to get us there. But it can and will happen.

“From this breaking open experience, my new and beautiful life will emerge.”