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Bless the Mess

February 17, 2016


Life is messy by nature – or at least it looks messy from the outside.

Our need to control life, people and events makes us frustrated by the seeming randomness and unpredictability of it all.

But Life has its own internal ordering system, one which we can’t see or appreciate in any given moment. So even when things seem disordered around us, we need to trust that things will come together and move toward resolution. That there is already a kind of rearranging going on that is not immediately visible and which may not make sense to us in the moment.

So when things seem messy is the time to step back and allow things to be as they are. To not attempt to impose order through control. That will only lead to more frustration and misery for us, because it won’t work.

In those moments of apparent messiness is the time to trust the internal workings of Life to resolve things in its own way and in its own time.

 “I will bless the mess, trusting that Life is doing the sorting for me.”