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Belief Is a Luxury We Can’t Afford

February 16, 2015


Belief is a luxury we can’t afford

Total self-belief and unshakable faith in ourselves are all well and good. Nice words. But the reality is we seldom deeply feel these things in such a way that we proceed easily toward what we most deeply desire. Most of us don’t feel so convincingly convicted about our own path even 5% of the time.

But do we need total self-belief in order to create what we desire or to make the changes we are working toward?

I’ve discovered that the answer is no, because we will be waiting forever to do anything or be anything or create anything we desire if we wait for that illusive moment. So what I’ve done is simply to cut to the chase. I’ve adopted a policy, regardless of how I feel or what I might think in any given moment, to just trust myself. It’s my operating principle if you will.

So with that policy or principle in place, I choose to go forward demonstrating trust in myself and confidence in what I am creating. I don’t have to feel it or think it for it to be so!

Yes, belief is a luxury we can’t afford. We just need to step up on our own behalf, invest in our future and keep moving forward.

Said another way, we don’t have to believe it. We just need to be it.